How can we help you with cleaner electricity?

How are solar farms energising communities?

Silicon Ranch, of which Shell owns nearly 44%, is a leading US producer of solar energy.

Discover how one of its solar farms is brightening lives in Millington, Tennessee.

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How can trading renewable power benefit us all?

Limejump, now part of Shell, is a UK energy technology firm that gathers, stores and trades power from a network of renewable electricity suppliers.

Watch how Limejump is helping small renewable power producers, such as the Thrybergh hydropower station in South Yorkshire, while providing cleaner electricity for the UK.

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How can catching a cab drive us to a cleaner energy future?

Greenlots, now part of Shell, is an innovative, electric-vehicle-charging firm in the USA.

See how Greenlots is helping an almost 100-year-old taxi firm in Columbus go electric.

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How can big energy users cut carbon emissions?

MP2, part of Shell Energy North America, helps businesses and organisations update their electricity supply.

See how Rice University in Texas has worked with MP2 on its journey to a carbon-neutral future.

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How does wind power work?

NoordzeeWind, a 50/50 joint venture between Shell and Vattenfall, operates 36 wind turbines off the Dutch coast.

Find out how wind power is harnessed to provide cleaner electricity for homes and businesses.

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How can homes share solar power?

sonnen, now owned by Shell, is a German technology firm that provides innovative home batteries that store solar power.

Meet a resident of Wildpoldsried in Bavaria, Germany, who is sharing electricity with the sonnen community.

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