Market access

  • On-demand, real-time competitive prices for all the main energy trading hubs in Europe with multiple indexations
  • Physical delivery at hubs, cross-border points or production sites across Europe thanks to our pan-European presence
  • Access to wholesale trading across key markets

Energy risk management

  • Short-term and long-term hedging strategies to secure future cash-flow for investment*
  • Financial and physical hedges in multiple currencies*
  • Risk assessment to absorb unwanted volatility and exchange it for required stability
Bar chart displaying bars. x-axis = Year, y-axis = Investment

Structured and complex deals

  • Customer-specific solutions, with proven deal structuring and delivery capabilities
  • Optimisation of your positions to improve cash flow stability and enable more efficient business planning
  • Offset of cross-commodity products, to better manage credit exposure
Line graph showing two lines
Scales Two hands in agreement in the form of a handshake Shield with a tick

Asset optimisation & monetisation

  • Bespoke solutions for all main European assets, including:
    • Gas-to-power generation
    • Transport systems
    • Storage facilities
    • Regasification plants
Chimney stack, electricity pylon and tanker