Facilities and production

In the Americas, Shell’s RNG is primarily sourced from Shell’s various RNG projects, including producing RNG from dairy manure and agricultural residue streams. This means our customers benefit from a reliable, low-carbon fuel supply.

Production from Shell New Energies Junction City, Shell Downstream Galloway, Shell Downstream Friesian and Shell Downstream Bovarius is expected to help supply Shell R-CNG fueling sites planned at the company’s product distribution complexes in Carson, Van Nuys and San Jose in California and at a terminal in Portland, Oregon, owned by Shell Midstream Partners L.P.

The facilities utilizing locally sourced cow manure and excess agricultural residues are expected to produce over 1,636,000+ MMBtu a year of RNG.

Providing 100 percent R-CNG for customers would allow these fueling sites to substantially decarbonize product movements out of the terminals.