Global trade in liquefied natural gas rebounds strongly during 2021.

Trade hits 380 million tonnes, an increase of 21 million tonnes (or 6.0%) compared to 2020.

6.0% 380 MT
LNG storage tank illustration

Gas and LNG prices hit record levels in 2021

Graph illustration price increase of LNG. Blue line increasing indicates JKM (2021) and Orange line increasing indicates TTF (2021)

China becomes the world's largest LNG importer with LNG imports reaching 79 million tonnes.

LNG boat illustration indicating import of 79 million tonnes

US led export growth with an increase of 24 million tonnes.

USA LNG boast illustration

Asia to lead growth in LNG demand through to 2040

~70% of total growth expected in ASIA
Globe illustration showing asia coloured in

LNG supply-demand gap expected to emerge in the middle of the current decade.

Term LNG contracts more than double to 48MTPA, from 20MTPA in 2020.

20 MTPA2020

Tonne weight Tonne weight

48 MTPA2021

Tonne weight Tonne weight Tonne weight Tonne weight Tonne weight
Notepad illustration with Chinese flag

China signs over 20 MTPA in term contracts, prioritising energy security and progressing net-zero emissions ambitions.

In 2021, 88% of global emissions were covered by countries which have net-zero ambitions


In Asia, switching just 20% of coal-fired power to gas can potentially save 680MT of CO2 emissions annually. 

Power station illustration Cloud illustration

Use of gas in a decarbonised world

Industry Blue Hydrogen Bio Gas + CCUS Feedstock.

Electricity Gas fired power backing up renewables Gas + CCUS.

Landscape illustrations showing power plant, electrical pylon and a building
680 MTPA

Buildings Blue Hydrogen Gas + CCUS Hybrid systems.

Boat illustration

Transport Blue Hydrogen Biogas LNG + offsets.